I am Cinthya Torres,

I specialize in WordPress, Web Development and Graphics

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Ecommerce Website

E commerce website built for big Equipment company HTML,CSS,JavaScript

Website Source Code

GCR Marble & Granite

Built granite website using Wordpress platform

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Jim Goodall Equipment

Built Ecommerce online store using BigCommerce platform

Website Source Code

Registration Form

This form uses form validation. Built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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Jammming React App

This is a web application, built with React. It allows users to search the Spotify library, create a custom playlist, and then save the playlist to their Spotify accounts. (Requires having a Spotify account for playlists to be saved.)

Website Source Code

My Portfolio Website

A WordPress theme built with HTML,CSS,and PHP and JavaScript

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About Me

Web developer with experience using the following technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and GitHub. Currently studying, React, Nodejs, SQL and jQuery.
Problem-solving skills, working under pressure, and great management skills, interpersonal skills, and building relationships.


Asociates Degree in Computer Programing.


MCD Consulting Services LLC

In my opinion Cinthya has been extremely patient, as I have pretty much zero knowledge in website development. Her expertise and command of the project was reassuring. I was incredibly pleased with the product. Based on my experience, I would most certainly recommend Cinthya Torres and her company for her expertise and professionalism in website development.

Luc Martin

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value Cinthya is very professional and very responsive. She took time to understand my needs . It was a real pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend Unidad Web and Graphics for all your websites needs. Also great value. 👍

Divine Digital Agency LLC

Loved working with Cinthya and Unidad on multiple projects this year! She always had a positive attitude and clear communication! Jared Stresen-Reuter

Jim Goodall Equipment

Cindy built our new website using big Commerce and it has worked great for us. Jim Goodall, Jim Goodall Equipment sales, Fort Myers, FL